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DDS International Dentist, Indian

Since I see the smile as the principal universal language for expressing human warmth and kindness, being able to contribute to the enhancement and preservation of the smile is something that makes me especially proud to be a dentist. The sense of joy that we can bring to patients and the proximity …

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IDP, Public/Community-Focus, Indian with MPH

Born into a family of civil servants in India, I have been groomed from early childhood to serve the community, nation, and humanity itself. My early education prepared me well for the rigors of higher education, since I attended schools of the highest rank – especially in Math and Science – with st…

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DDS/DMD International Dentist, Syrian Applicant

I suppose, like many others, I chose dentistry because of positive personal experiences. As a child I had a gap between my front teeth which affected my confidence and made me reluctant to smile. After many consultations, an X-Ray was taken and the problem was identified, a diastema caused by an ext…

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MS Degree in Dental Hygiene, Vietnamese Applicant

I want to pursue the Master Degree in Dental Hygiene so as to devote my professional life to the betterment of dental hygiene practices and education, especially in my country of origin, Vietnam. I work as a dental hygienist in a private practice, and I dream of someday becoming a teacher of dental …

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Internship Foreign Dentist: Implantology Europe

I qualified as a dentist in 2009 at the Universidad Europea de Madrid and am currently in my second year of study towards a higher degree in Dentistry. I commenced my career in general dentistry but I have developed a great interest in restorative dentistry and particularly implantology which I see …

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DDS Admission, Jordanian Woman Applicant

I am a Jordanian woman, born and raised in Jordan until the age of 13 when I moved to the United States. I currently reside in California. I speak Arabic, English and some French. I anticipate the award of the B.S. degree in Biology in May 2012 from California State University. My goal is to qualify…

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Fellowship Implant Dentistry, Thailand


I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand where I now live and work. I hold the degrees of Doctor of Dental Surgery and a Master’s Degree in Periodontics. I speak Thai and English. It is my goal, in applying for admission to the program, to maximize my knowledge of Implant Dentistry in order …

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DDS, Dental Hygienist, Family Clinic

Both my father and uncle are dentists. As a child, I would beg my father to let me accompany him to his practice; often, he would let me and I would follow him around, trying not to get in the way. I grew up in a dental world so it is not surprising that I became a dental hygienist and now have my h…

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DDS Admission, Dental Surgery, Yemen, KSA

I am a young Yemini woman who is a very hard worker, highly motivated, and extremely dedicated to my field, dentistry. As a result, I already hold a degree in dental surgery from my university in Yemen and I keenly look forward to a long lifetime in the pursuit of excellence in my chosen field. My f…

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DDS Admission, Master of Endodontology, India

I wish to enter the Master of Endodontology program at____because it offers the most diverse and inclusive program in this highly specialized field. It is diverse because of its professors with their wide professional training and experience.  It is inclusive because it includes both faculty and stu…

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DDS Admission, Non-Traditional Indian, Comp-Sci

I feel that I am a strong candidate for dental school, with a 4.0 post-bachelor GPA, a Masters Degree in Computer Science, and a 98.7 percentile ranking on the DAT. I am a non-traditional applicant at 33 years old, but I have several assets that I believe will enable me to make a unique contribution…

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DDS International Dentist, Endodontics, Indian

One of my most definitive moments as a dentist and a human being took place the day that a frail old man walked through the door of our dental clinic in India, covering his cheek with a piece of dirty cloth, the excruciating agony written all over his face. First, I saw the horrified look on the f…

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Oral Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS), Indian Applicant

Being born into a family comprised of doctors and teachers in India, I have always been surrounded by not just intellectuals, but rather a family that has dedicated their lives to the compassionate and selfless service of others, the betterment of our community, and society. Their work has been in…

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DDS, International Dentist Application, Indian

If you were to observe the patients in the waiting room of a dentist’s office in the US, you would probably see a group of relaxed looking people reading magazines. If you looked at the queue of those waiting for treatment at a free dental camp in India, you would see many swollen and pain filled …

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DDS Dental School, Iranian Woman

I am a candidate for admission to your program since I look forward to studying Dentistry in a department that has a high regard for research and state-of-the-art Dental Science. I hope to be offered a position as a student in a program that is at the forefront of addressing the challenges facing …

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DDS Dental School, Romania, NYC

A dentist who was raised and educated in Romania, I now live in NYC, and love my new home very much. Thus, I seek to continue my education in dentistry here in America so as to be able to practice here in NYC. Graduating with honors from my dental program, I have always labored mightily to be the …

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DDS International Dentist, Explaining TOEFL

I am a young woman and a dentist who was born and raised in Poland. I came to the United States with my fiance and now live in Hawthorne, California. I graduated from the Medical University in my home town of Lodz in 2004; I completed my studies in the faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and obtaine…

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DDS Non-Traditional, Artist, Korea

A non-traditional applicant at 33, I feel strongly that I am an excellent candidate for dental school as a result of my experience as an artist and computer consultant. I have been in the U.S. now for 14 years, having emigrated with my family from our native Korea. I have fully adjusted and adapte…

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DDS Internationally Trained Dentist

I am a young woman who was born and raised in India and now lives in Boston. I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Dental Surgery at the XXXX Dental College in Chennai, India. As part of my coursework, I had the privilege of serving in an internship position for one year and then was able to work as…

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DMD Advanced Standing, Chinese

Throughout my academics, professional career and research work, I have maintained almost two decades of conceptual continuity, and an unwavering pursuit of providing the finest dental care possible for my patients. No other field could ever bring me the same level of personal or professional satis…

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