DDS Admission, Iranian Immigrant, Woman

At the tender age of nine, I was introduced to the field of Dentistry as a result of a playground accident. Losing two front teeth impressed upon me how important our visage truly is, the emotional discomfort and the healing process, both in physical and psychological terms. Indeed, the treatment process itself lasted some five years, but my gratitude to my Dentist remains to this day.

 Coming to America from Iran when I was 18 was a chance to develop myself academically and increase my opportunities. Less than one year later, I started college, a veritable stranger to the English language, and American culture. While in Iran, I had begun an Accountancy program, and continued this pursuit in the US. My parents’ tireless examples in business, both MBAs, had impressed upon me applying myself to every task I undertook. After nearly three years, despite my success, I simply could not continue to invest time and energy in a degree path away from my passion and dream of becoming an Orthodontist. And so, I turned onto the path of Biochemistry, preparing for the opportunity and challenge of a quality DDS program.

 Earning my DDS will enable me to bring my dreams of owning my own practice to fruition, aiding the medically uninsured, and children, helping repair not only teeth and smiles, but also confidence, self-esteem and self-efficacy. Given my own childhood experiences, I am intimately aware of the impact of childhood teasing. Moreover, it is my feeling that the cost of Orthodontic equipment can be made more affordable, using less expensive materials, manufacturing processes and larger scale processing, thus reducing per unit costs. Moreover, Dentistry will satisfy my need for learning new techniques, utilizing the latest technologies, and interfacing with not just the community I serve, but the extended professional Dental and research community; I have not ruled out teaching tomorrow’s Dental healthcare professionals in a university situation. In the most practical terms, I want to be able to give back to my family, as well as being able to plan with confidence my own family.

 I bring with me to the student body a solid academic foundation in Biochemistry and published research experiences. Of equal importance is my professional exposure in the research and Dental fields.  Researching phospholipid precursors, work that was published this past April, while it increased specific laboratory skills, instilled in me a strong sense of leadership and goal-orientation. The hands-on nature of the work was incredibly satisfying; however, it was the potential impact and contributing factor of the work that was intensely gratifying. The work can go on to benefit other scientific studies in women’s health and cancer research.  I did not do this work because I had to; I did it to make a difference.

 I never learned time management skills in a lecture hall, instead, I learned them working part-time and gaining field experiences, namely 80 hours with XXXX’s Dental program, 64 hours with Dr. XXXX, of Internal and Family Medicine, 40 hours with XXXX Dental Office, and 80 hours with a Dermatologist, all of which has increased my direct-patient contact and familiarity with the US healthcare system.  In truth, this work has also increased my ability to adapt to differing set-ups, think practically and on my feet.

 Additionally, any Dental professional is an active participant in the community.  To this end, I have spent some 30 hours with Exceptional Children Foundation, educated others as to what participating in the field of Dentistry involves, as well as providing health information for hypertension and Diabetes at-risk populations. In addition, as a part of both the Biochemistry and Chemistry clubs at XXXX, I voluntarily tutored math and science to my peers and friends, practicing my knowledge and increasing my interpersonal skills.

 I look forward to interacting with an accomplished student body and expert guidance from stalwart faculty in a quality DDS program.  No other field ever has nor ever could bring me the same level of personal or professional satisfaction.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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