DDS International Dentist, Advanced Standing

As a young girl growing up in India, I can recall with great clarity my father’s tireless commitment to his healthcare work.  His example, dedication to delivering compassionate care, and the respect he earned within our community were truly inspirational to me, and doubtlessly contributed to my desire to follow in his footsteps.  In school, I excelled in the sciences, and mathematics, laying a solid foundation from which to pursue my own unique path in dental healthcare service.  What is more, my pursuit of a career in dentistry has been supported by my family, and has helped to fuel my own self-motivation.  And now, I cannot see myself as being anything but a dental healthcare professional.  My passion for dentistry, the desire to bring a cessation of pain or a more confident smile to my patients is as much a part of me as the dexterous hands I have been blessed with.

 Pursuing my DDS will allow me to increase my depth of understanding in, and prepare for my Masters in Orthodontics or Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.  Through a quality DDS program and the expert guidance of involved faculty, I will be better able to narrow my specialty’s focus, and determine where my skills, exposure and sensibilities will best serve others.

 Moreover, earning my DDS will allow me to bring my goals, ambitions, indeed, my dreams, to fruition.  For the future, through my work, I want to provide optimal healthcare, increase oral healthcare awareness, provide early screening for oral cancers, and generally motivate people to be active participants in their own oral hygiene and health.  There is a distinct need to impress upon people that their involvement in their own health, be it oral or otherwise, will in fact improve their lives overall.  By reaching out to socio-economically depressed populations, I will be able through my own successful practice, to offer free, at-cost or reduced services, bringing quality healthcare to all, and not just some, helping the poor, sick and needy at all costs.

 I bring with me to the student body and DDS program a solid academic foundation, but much more than this, I also bring my humility, a humility born of active volunteerism, such as the three years I spent with a local dentist as a personal assistant, and dental assistant.  This work was much more than just increasing my exposure and understanding of diverse dental cases, but also to prepare for the opportunity and challenge of the international dentist program.  I feel that through these experiences, I have increased my confidence, interpersonal skills and certainty that I am on exactly the right path.  Furthermore, I have earned more than three certifications in the dental field, increasing my ability to work effectively with patients or in aiding dentists from the chair side, keeping my skills up-to-date and my knowledge of current technologies and techniques current.

 Additionally, I bring my cultural competency, my ability to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life, backgrounds, creeds and cultures.  In the most practical sense, my aptitude in three languages will allow me to increase the level of accuracy of delivery of oral healthcare as well as a patient’s sense of relevance in the process.

 No other field ever has nor ever could bring the same level of personal, spiritual or professional satisfaction as dentistry.  I look forward to serving in the US as a dental professional with great eagerness, and participating in the international DDS program.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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