DDS Applicant, Raised in Iran

I was born and raised as an American child until the age of 10. Then my parents took me to their native Iran and I did not come back to live in America until the age of 18. I feel like my identity has one foot in America and the other in Iran. I am happy this way, as I love both homes very much and I want to provide outstanding results in dental health care in both countries.

Today my parents live in Iran. I really hope to travel frequently to Iran and establish a dental clinic after I finish dental school; because I feel that Iran, as well as my family, needs me. Dental education and oral health infrastructure in Iran is an abysmal failure at bringing adequate dental care to the popular masses of our people. Being accepted to and completing your program will prepare me for a lifetime of service to marginalized communities in my native country as well as America. Fully aware of the seemingly endless political tensions between my two nations, I am enthused and excited about the dynamics of bridging this gap between two political cultures in my role as an oral health ambassador. The fact that I am a native speaker of both Farsi and English helps to open doors and I trust that it will result in special opportunities in the future as I labor to achieve ever-greater professional heights in my field.

My brother (BCDS class of 95) is a practicing dentist in Maryland and he is a great inspiration for me.  I have an aunt, an uncle, and two cousins who are dentists as well and have also encouraged me a great deal. In addition to the ‘hands on’ character of dentistry and the intimacy of interactions with patients, I also love the spontaneity and variety that characterize dentistry: diagnostics, pain relief, and preventive education as well as reparative and esthetic labors.  Having made my choice, I was determined to seek some experience and training to enable me to change my career route so I began reading extensively, doing research online. I have spent eighteen months working as a volunteer dental assistant, observing assisting with both routine and complex procedures. I have particularly enjoyed dealing with the patients and putting them at ease when they are nervous.

I have learned from my personal research that a large proportion of people in the US do not receive adequate dental care primarily because these they are unaware of its importance. It is my fervent desire to have a share in spreading information about preventative dental care to marginalized communities during your program and to labor long hours at free dental clinics for the underserved. It is also my firm intention, once qualified, to give a great deal of my time to such activities. Since a dentist is a highly regarded and well-rewarded professional, it is especially important that he gives something back to society and I fully intend to do so.

I spent eight years growing up in the north of Iran, on the Caspian Sea. As with most if not all-rural communities in Iran, oral health is very poor, primarily due to a lack of awareness of hygiene. Conditions are especially desperate across broad sectors of the north of Iran, and it is there that I most dream of establishing a clinic, and at least traveling there several times a year to enhance our provision of oral health care and education as well.

I have carefully considered the demands of a challenging DDS program and I am determined to fully apply myself to the program and to excel. I know that there will be very many other well-qualified applicants. But my academic record suggests that I am most diligent and who is used to ‘going the extra mile’ in his work. My preparation for entry to the program has been both practical and academic and has provided a thoroughgoing understanding of the dental working environment. My greatest asset, however, is my passionate interest in dentistry and my dedication to the goal of becoming a highly skilled, most knowledgeable, and extremely dentist. I want to thank you for your consideration of my application.

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