Oral Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS), Indian Applicant

Being born into a family comprised of doctors and teachers in India, I have always been surrounded by not just intellectuals, but rather a family that has dedicated their lives to the compassionate and selfless service of others, the betterment of our community, and society. Their work has been inspirational for me and truly where my passion lies.  Undoubtedly, this is why my feet were placed on the path to being a healthcare professional from a young age. Moreover, I was always encouraged to utilize fully my inherent gifts, and have excelled in every academic venture I have undertaken. I have an inquisitive nature, thoroughly enjoy challenges, and work that uses my hands in conjunction with analytic thought and careful observation. I resolved to take on the challenges Dentistry offered and dedicate my life to its pursuit.

 OMS was first introduced to me during my clinical rotations. I was fascinated by the sheer diversity of cases, the amount of direct patient contact and above all, the tremendous impact the OMS trained surgeon truly can have on lives. The demanding nature of the work is directly aligned with my sensibilities as a practitioner and academician. From the time I knew that my future must be in OMS, I strived to be the best.  My hard work paid off, and stood first in my final year exams in my graduating class.

 Becoming board certified in OMS will enable me to bring a number of my goals, indeed, my dreams to fruition. With refined advanced surgical skills, I will be equipped to not only perform OMS procedures, but also teach tomorrow’s dental professionals, bringing contemporary and practical experiences to life for my students, and impacting society that much more for my efforts in the classroom as well as the clinic. On a personal and professional level, I anticipate solidifying my existing grounding in diagnostic, treatment planning and surgical skills, excellent preparation for participating in clinical, academic and research activities post-residency, even leading in the field of oral surgery.  More specifically, I am eager to explore, develop and implement innovative research into finer levels of craniofacial reconstruction, thus improving healthcare outcomes for my patients, those of my colleagues and extended OMS research community.

 I bring with me to the advanced education program a solid academic, research and clinical foundation in dental medicine. From the time I graduated from dental school In India, I immediately began building my OMS experiences, spending six months in an OMS office. As a general dentist working in an oral surgeon’s office, I gained invaluable insights into the daily work of an oral surgeon, hands-on experiences in the office and the OR. I saw the significance of the surgeon’s international experiences as if for the first time, and sought out the advanced standing DMD program at BostonUniversity.  From day one, I spent co-curricular time as an observer in the OMS department, and later as an extern and volunteer research assistant. My research experience was not only rewarding in terms of accolades, but increased my analytical and logical thought processes, giving me a new perspective to approaching and solving problems.

 In addition, I bring my humility and strong sense of commitment to the community, proof of which can be found in my having volunteered for various community dental health camps in India and the US.  What many academic programs call “cultural competency”, I have lived. The US healthcare system is only increasing its representation of multicultural populations and being multilingual, as I am, is helpful.  However, I feel that my immigrant experience and having lived, worked and been educated on two diverse continents, in the most practical sense has made me more adaptable to differing set-ups, but also made me more sympathetic to the unique needs of diverse patients.

 To my mind, the end of all knowledge is character, and our ultimate duty is to give back to society what we have gained. I have utilized every opportunity afforded me over the years, some of which I actively sought out and procured. I eagerly anticipate the challenge of the OMS residency program and the opportunity to continue my pursuit of my dreams.

 Thank you for kind consideration of my application.

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