Orthodontic Program, Indian Applicant

Many people have credited me with a maturity and focus beyond my years, my unswerving commitment to bringing my personal and professional goals – my dreams - to reality.  I once heard a quote from Thomas Edison that exemplifies my own focus: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”  Since reading these words, I realize now more than ever that no one is responsible for my future except me; I will never be a failure to my dreams.

 My dedication is evident from my record of accomplishment, and a discipline born of my military boarding school experiences, and deep religious faith.  Ever since high school, my academic path has been bestrewed with commendations, a pace I have maintained throughout Dental college.  Upon being introduced to the myriad facets of healthcare, Dentistry stood out to me as being a unique field, requiring not only a solid foundation in Biology, but also a gentle hands on approach to healing coupled with a good grasp of pain management and ability to communicate effectively with our greatest responsibility, namely our patients.  Any Dental professional holds a trusted role in the community.  To this end, I have been actively involved in community service and leadership organizations, a sense of responsibility I have had since I was a teen, volunteering for religious organizations.  I am no stranger to research work, either, and have seen the applications of research to control or heal disease while contributing to the furthering of Dental science and dental community.

 Orthodontics drew me into its discipline with open arms, fulfilling everything I had ever dreamed of for my future in Dentistry.  The idea of understanding craniofacial growth complexed with addition of various staged components and sequencing the treatment plan consistently fuelled my curiosity. The challenges of understanding mechanics and using your artistic and manual acumen in the application of biological structures are all the qualities that fit my interest and goals precisely. Often after school hours, I would fill my time with shadowing local orthodontists in private practice, places where I learned practical skills such as impression taking, bracket placement and removal, retention techniques, cephalometric tracing, arch length analysis, headgear application and other Orthodontic fundamentals.  I like the fact that everyday orthodontist face unique challenges to understand growth disparity and like solving a jigsaw puzzle carefully use mechanical principles with sequenced treatment plan to bring out esthetic results.  Much more than this, though, I witnessed the level of gratification that drips from patients’ eyes post-treatment, which is simply beyond description.  With increasing exposure to the specialty, I knew for certain that Orthodontics was the field that appealed to all my interests.

 At the same time, I was aware of the contemporary issues facing Orthodontics from my community involvement.  As part of community service camps we visited a many cleft lip and palate adult patients, whose disfigured face made them stand out uncomfortably in their communities.  On further investigation, I realized that due to lack of information and resources these individuals could not receive early intervention surgery in childhood. Their entire life suffered with physical and social stigma due to this reality. I realized the significance of growth disparity on every aspect of a person’s life.  My heart went out to them, spurring me on to further investigation, and private study of Orthodontics.

 Coming to America was a decision based upon wanting to immerse myself in the finest Orthodontic program possible, exposure to a challenging caseload, culturally and socio-economically diverse patients, as well as the latest technologies, techniques, resources, stalwart faculty and accomplished student body.  In preparation for the opportunity and challenge of a quality Orthodontic education, I actively sought out and procured a Dental Assistant position with AEGD clinic in Florida.  Familiarizing myself with the US healthcare system was just as important to me as keeping my skills and education alive and well practiced.  I was fortunate to join the traditional DDS program at University at Buffalo as a sophomore, and while there, I further explored my interest in Orthodontics by regularly observing at a resident’s clinic.  There were many avenues for community involvement and leadership experiences, too.  Furthermore, through my research endeavors at UB, I decided to combine Clinical Dentistry with a university affiliated research participant as a part of my long-term ambitions.

 Keeping a balance in my life is important to me, and to this end, I am also committed to my family.  I stay in good physical shape, too, through sports and keep my cultural appreciation broad, listening to international music, reading autobiographies of inspirational people, and watching history documentaries; now if I could just perfect my passion for exotic cooking!

 I bring with me to the Orthodontic program many skills learned outside the lecture hall, interpersonal communication and teamwork skills learned through actively participating with philanthropic groups.  Staying positive and motivated through doing good works is a part of my enthusiasm for life, and a reflection of my hard working and committed personality.  I look forward to a stimulating residency assignment, bringing structure and discipline to my raw enthusiasm, skills and knowledge, in an atmosphere of colleague support, and active, knowledgeable attendings.

 Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

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