Puerto Rican Dentist, Endodontics Education

When we speak of our dedication to our academic and professional path, oftentimes the personal fortitude needed and sacrifices made to fulfill our dreams are never revealed.  While I have committed the last decade of my life to the pursuit of Dentistry education and professional exposure, the course of my studies and work have stretched from Puerto Rico, to the streets of New York and to the state of Florida.  Coming to America from Puerto Rico and leaving everything I ever knew behind to pursue my GPR was a choice born of wanting the finest educational experience possible, access to the latest technologies, techniques, and opportunities to aid at-risk, uninsured populations.

 Ever since I was first introduced to endodontics, I knew I had found my place in the field of dentistry.  I was enamored with the beauty of the specialty, the intrinsic challenge to our dexterity, and analytic ability.  While I gave all I could in terms of my energy and time to my studies and clinical experiences, I was left wanting to do that much and a higher level, one that only endodontics could personally and professionally satisfy.

 Immersing myself in a quality advanced education program in endodontics will enable me to bring relevance to my research aims, specifically new materials and instruments for endodontic procedures, such as rotary instrumentations and new sealers to obturate.  Additionally, the program will sharpen my teaching skills, enabling me to become an effect professor, and bring relevant and contemporary research in the field to life for tomorrow’s dental healthcare professionals while I increase my own grounding in private practice.  I envision using my practice as a jumping off point for conducting annual dental mission work to developing countries, and teaching the values of preventative dental health.

 I bring with me to the advanced education program a solid academic foundation, and nearly a decade of professional experiences earned in two diverse countries, and differing set-ups, from private practice to correctional facilities health services.  Working in private practice exposed me to the incredible opportunities and sheer need for charitable works.  Moreover, my years in active dental work has built, proven and kept my passion for providing the best treatments possible for my patients alive and practiced, as well as my desire to give back to not just the community, but also to tomorrow’s dentists.

 Many academic programs speak of the need for culturally competent graduates.  While I am fluent in English and Spanish, I am also fluent in the Hispanic-American experience, and feel particularly sensitive to the unique needs of our Spanish-speaking patients.  Given the ever-increasing influx of Hispanics and Latinos into the US healthcare system, I will be able to reach out to my patients in their arterial language, increasing the accuracy and involvement of the patient in the healing process.

 I look forward with great eagerness to the opportunity and challenge of the endodontic program.  This is my field, where I aim to leave my mark in, not just for me, but also my community, and the extended dental community.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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