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Foreign Trained Dentist DDS, Egyptian

An Egyptian woman and an experienced dentist now making a home for myself in the USA, I chose dentistry as my career because I always wanted to be of service, a humanitarian supporting those in need. I graduated from Pharos University of Dentistry in Alexandria, Egypt in 2013, not at the very top of…

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DDS, Dreaming of Orthodontics, Iraqi Refugee

I hope to be selected for your distinguished DDS Program for International Dentists because I am a dentist from Iraq who has shown a great deal of dedication to dentistry under difficult circumstances, particularly in the area of Orthodontics.  My father was a distinguished professor and a member of…

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DDS Applicant Iranian Immigrant

I arrived in the USA on my 13th birthday. My mother had been diagnosed with acute rheumatoid arthritis and she needed numerous surgeries; since the success rate for such operations was quite low in Iran, our country of origin, we decided to come to America and get her the help that she needed, inclu…

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DDS Applicant, Raised in Iran

I was born and raised as an American child until the age of 10. Then my parents took me to their native Iran and I did not come back to live in America until the age of 18. I feel like my identity has one foot in America and the other in Iran. I am happy this way, as I love both homes very much and …

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DDS Admission, Computer Science, Iranian in Canada


I am a young Canadian-Iranian man who, along with his family, has come a long way, both physically and intellectually. Born in Ahvaz, Iran and raised in Toronto, I consider myself to be a citizen of the world, an intellectual, and most of all, a public servant. My love for technological advanc…

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