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IDP Applicant with MHA, Indian, Underserved

I feel strongly that I should be selected for admission to the XXXX IDP Program over other applicants with similar qualifications because of my dedication to the underserved, globally speaking, and especially in my native India, where I was born, raised, completed dental school, and practiced dentis…

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International Dentist, Sikh Community Detroit

If I am accepted into your highly competitive doctoral program for international dentists, it will likely be due at least in part to the fact that I am a member of a small minority group that is increasingly becoming a target of violence and repression in the United States. A leader in the Sikh comm…

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DDS Foreign Trained Dentist, Indian, Community

Like most young people in their teen years, I had the vague intention to do something useful in life but had no particular interest in the field of medicine. This changed when I underwent a long course of dental treatment to correct a malformation. Spending lots of time in a dental chair and a d…

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DDS Indian, Dental Assistant, Published

Observing the queue of those waiting for free dental treatment in a volunteer dental camp in India, I became accustomed to seeing swollen faces and pain filled eyes.  This helped me to better appreciate the importance of dental and oral health in people’s lives. If I had ever harboured any doubt abo…

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Indian Application, Prosthodontics Experience

One of my most definitive moments as a dentist and a human being took place the day that a frail old man walked through the door of our dental clinic in India, covering his cheek with a piece of dirty cloth, the excruciating agony written all over his face. First, I saw the horrified look on the fac…

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DDS International Dentist, Advanced Standing

As a young girl growing up in India, I can recall with great clarity my father’s tireless commitment to his healthcare work.  His example, dedication to delivering compassionate care, and the respect he earned within our community were truly inspirational to me, and doubtlessly contributed to my d…

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