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DDS, Endodontics, Indian Woman from Canada

I could not be happier in my current professional position as a Teaching Assistant in Endodontics at the University of XXXX. I teach second-year dental students the basics of Endodontics primarily by demonstrating techniques in the dental simulation lab. This experience has helped me to better appre…

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Wife, Mother, Dentist, Indian Woman Applicant

A wife, mother, and dentist from India, since arriving in the USA a little more than one year ago, I have been working very hard to prepare myself to get admitted to a DDS Program. I am aware of the fierce competition that exists for Advanced Standing Admission for international dentists and I am ho…

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DDS, Indian Woman, Community Service

Before I permanently relocated to the USA a little over one year ago, as a result of my marriage to a wonderful man who is also a dentist, I enjoyed some of the very best 5 years of my life working full time as a dentist in my country of origin, India. Here in America, I have hit the ground running …

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Indian Woman DDS Degree, the Visually Impaired

I am a dentist from India, a woman, and someone who distinguishes herself for her love for those who are most in need of attention and care. I have been living in Ohio now for one year and making good use of my time preparing to enter you program by passing the board exams as well as the TOEFL exami…

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Indian Research Assistant, DDS International

I am a young and energetic woman who is a dentist originally from India, now living in XXXX, Ohio for the past three years. In March of 2013, I earned my MBA in Health care Management at The University of XXXX. It is my intention to use the many tools and resources that I have acquired throughout th…

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Indian Applicant International

When I went to the dentist’s office as a child in India, we would often bless our dentist after our treatments. This was a formative experience for me, socialization in nobility. Since I can remember, I have thought of the dentist as the pinnacle of respectability and the professional most worthy of…

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Indian Woman International Dentist

A woman and a dentist from India, since I immigrated to the USA in 2007, I have been working very hard to prepare myself for dental school here in America - for my National Board Dental Examinations in addition to the TOEFL  - at the same time that I now have two lovely children. I am now completing…

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Indian Woman, International Dentist

I am a young woman from India who is extremely devoted to dentistry. My initial experience in oral health began while I was in high school, working at a hospital. Soon, I became very passionate about the science of dentistry because of the way that it so radically improved the lives of our patients,…

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