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DDS International Dentist, Indian

Since I see the smile as the principal universal language for expressing human warmth and kindness, being able to contribute to the enhancement and preservation of the smile is something that makes me especially proud to be a dentist. The sense of joy that we can bring to patients and the proximity …

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IDP, Public/Community-Focus, Indian with MPH

Born into a family of civil servants in India, I have been groomed from early childhood to serve the community, nation, and humanity itself. My early education prepared me well for the rigors of higher education, since I attended schools of the highest rank – especially in Math and Science – with st…

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DDS, International Dentist Application, Indian

If you were to observe the patients in the waiting room of a dentist’s office in the US, you would probably see a group of relaxed looking people reading magazines. If you looked at the queue of those waiting for treatment at a free dental camp in India, you would see many swollen and pain filled …

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