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DDS Dental School, International Dentist, India

I am a young woman and a dentist from India and I now live in Boston. I hope very much to receive the proper instruction for becoming licensed to practice dentistry in the U.S. Dentistry allows one to do so much: one person walks into your office and you relieve them of pain, with the next one, you are rewarded by a beautiful smile, for another you provide the teeth that they have wanted their entire lives. Dentistry is not so much a job as a wonderful way to live your life. I can't imagine living life any other way. Some of my most rewarding experiences in life have been while I also served as an intern for one year and a junior doctor for another year following completion of my dental education in India. I am currently pursuing certification as a dental assistant here in the U.S and will soon join my local community health center as an intern. My desire to become a doctor was sparked at a very young age, around 10, when I worked on a data collection project concerned with common health issues of the people, and I learned how many people suffered from dental problems. Especially by the time that I was older, around 17, I was also influenced by my uncle, a dentist in our community, who encouraged me.

My first choice for dental school in the United States is the XXXX University College of Dentistry because I love everything about the program and its location, especially the possibility of receiving advanced placement into the DDS program. I am drawn to XXXX's established tradition of distinction in the education of visiting international students and recent immigrants. I am especially impressed with the College's mission to serve all the people and look forward with keen anticipation to being part of a student body represented by over 50 countries. This is for me the single greatest beauty of the United States, our great diversity.

I am especially concerned with the issue of availability of dental care for the most poor and vulnerable among us. I hope to be granted admission with advanced placement and enter your three-year, full-time program, give my all to your program, become licensed, and begin working on behalf of the people of New York, advancing dentistry in progressive ways. I look forward to long hours of rigorous education followed by several years of dedicated practice and the privilege of serving in a clinically-based postdoctoral general practice.

I am especially interested in periodontics. As an intern in college, I spent four months in a pediatric hospital. I adore children and long to make the dental experience as pleasant as possible for them. By my third year of study towards my undergraduate degree in Dental Surgery, I had come to realize how a dentist can make a difference to a person's well being, seeing patients with intense pain from root canal problems, for example, leaving with no pain at all after their first dental visit. As a junior doctor, I was able to work at numerous free clinics for our rural population, among people of different cultures and languages, since I am a fully fluent speaker of Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil as well as English, assisting in the area of general anesthesia for children. I am a cheerful person with good communication skills, patience, and maturity. Each day I am more grateful for my decision to enter dentistry, in such a direct, personal, and critically important way, seeing patients frequently, building relationships and helping people to recover and maintain and even enhance their happiness and self esteem, my greatest joy. I thank you for considering my application.

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