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I realize that there are many Indian dentists applying for DDS Degree International Dentist Programs in the USA. Many, like myself, have significant experience practicing dentistry in India before immigrating to America. Most, I assume, have also struggled to prepare themselves to be selected to your program by engaging with dentistry here in the USA to the extent to which they have had the opportunity to do so - as I have done. In my case, however, I hope to be selected also on the basis of the fact that I have extensive experience in Africa that has been fundamental to the development of my professional identity and my quest to help the underserved. I spent 2 of my most formative years in Tanzania which left an indelible impression on my sense of professional identity as a dentist. I dream of returning to Africa after earning my DDS Degree and engaging professionally with Tanzania in particular and Africa generally speaking. This is an integral part of my personal professional vision, helping the underserved in some of the most underdeveloped parts of the Third World.

Since childhood, I have been interested in playing various sport games. Cricket is one my favorite sports and it requires a lot hand-eye coordination, teaching me how to analyze and develop skills to catch the ball and score. My hand-eye coordination helped me to excel at cricket during my high school days.

I lived in Tanzania for 2 years as an adolescent accompanying my father who was serving as a physician. When I was not in school, I often volunteered and accompanied him on health check-up programs in Tanzania. I still remember the day when a young, local, African boy came to get treatment for his broken, upper-front teeth. I closely observed the dentist who worked alongside my doctor father and with his meticulous hand-eye coordination helped him to treat the symptoms of the boy effectively and efficiently. This is where I first felt my calling to dentistry.  I realized that my extensive training in the cricket game would help me to achieve my dream as dental health professional.

I was admitted from a pool of thousands of applicants to the prestigious Gujarat University. In addition to developing an exceptional foundation in dentistry, I immersed myself in community outreach programs. Over a period of two years, my classmates and I were able to have a great impact on hundreds of patients in rural areas who desperately needed dental care. These rigorous outreach programs gave me the opportunity to make  decisions for treatment plans and work under pressure, performing common procedures including sealant application, temporary restoration of teeth using GIC cement, extractions, and hand scaling. Through both the work and the feedback I received from my mentors, my clinical skills improved and my passion for dentistry flourished.

Following graduation, my dream had come true, and I began my career as a Dental Surgeon. Venturing out on my own, I continued to build on my past experiences to work collaboratively with other dental professionals to expedite treatment plans for the patients. After coming to the USA, I started my observership where I was better able to realize the importance of the dental team in the work environment. I believe working along with hygienist and lab technician in a single office makes a real difference as it avails positive experiences for the patients, and it also helps to complete treatment in a single sitting.

I imagine myself at some point down the road as a academician in the field of Prosthodontics. I seek to always maintain a special fluency and currency concerning the technological aspect of our field and I especially look forward to training dentists for implant surgery. My involvement in several clinical research projects at the University of North Texas Health Science Center as part of my MPH Program have helped me to make vast strides in my research skills and to advance enormously as a creative and interdisciplinary thinker in dentistry. 

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My name is Dr. Robert F Edinger.  I help dentists and students of dentistry from all over the world to be selected for admission to advanced education programs. 

I only do my best, taking the time to reflect on your story as well, usually doing some internet research on your behalf.

I especially enjoy working on behalf of those clients whose stated long term goals represent a significant contribution to helping the underserved.

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The personal statements or admission essays that I have drafted have been successful for most of my clients because they contained the requisite elements of community spirit and personal character, on the one hand, and the celebration of diversity on the other. This serves to provide a slight edge to many successful applicants, thus rising above their peers and helping to result in many, if not most, of those who have used my service being accepted to Dental School.

The anonymous examples posted on my site are several years old and are placed here with the permission of the applicant. They are statements of people originally from all over the world in keeping with the international spirit of Dental School. When faced with many times the number of applicants for a limited number of positions, and applicants having more-or-less similar grades and examination scores, character and community service are quite frequently the principal reasons why one applicant is chosen and another rejected.

I am a creative writer and statement specialist who comes from a long background of academic and professional training and volunteer work in the advancement of human rights, especially in the Developing World. I take special delight in human liberation, progressive communication, religion and spirituality, and constructive ways to make the world a more egalitarian and harmonious place to live, particularly through the advancement of environmentally friendly technology and sound business practices. 

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