Dental School Personal Statement Sample, Born and Raised in China

I came to Los Angeles from my native China 7 years ago, in 2010. It was still a struggle to bring my language ability up to the point where I was able to excel in college; through perseverance and determination, however, I met the challenge. I feel that I am highly qualified to be accepted to dental school for a variety of reasons. I want to devote much of my life to educating underserved communities about the importance of dental hygiene. I also keenly look forward to a lifetime of research in the area of dental materials, toxicity, sensitivity, especially pediatric materials. I look forward to practicing dentistry primarily with Chinese people, because with Chinese language speakers I feel that I have something special to offer them, the comfort and tranquility of being cared for in their native tongues, especially when they are nervous or anxious, and particularly in the case of children.

I was in my third year of medical school in China when I came to America at the age of 21; this academic preparation will help me to excel in dental school and beyond. I have played a variety of musical instruments since the age of 6, and continue to do so regularly, which has helped me enormously to develop the kind of manual and eye-to-hand coordination which is such a gift in dentistry. Finally, as a Chinese woman in particular, someone from the Developing World, I very much appreciate the way in which dentistry is among the most global of all professions. As a native speaker of Cantonese as well as Mandarin and fully fluent in English; and I am convinced that these language skills will be useful in a lifetime of dental practice dedicated primarily to members of the Chinese-American community, Cantonese as well as Mandarin speakers, recent immigrants, undocumented residents, especially the underserved.

I earned my BS in Biochemistry at UCLA. Since then, I have been working hard to prepare myself for dental school. I took a dental waxing class at night at UCLA as well as related science courses. I am especially interested in the chemical degradation of composite restorative materials used in dental practice. Nothing excites me more than the quest for less toxic material, especially suitable for sensitive patients and children in particular. Since February of 2016, I have been working as a lab manager Laboratory Manager UCLA Medical School, Biomedical Research Building, XXXX Lab. Previously, I was a laboratory assistant.

The highest moments of my life so far here in America has been shadowing a pediatric dentist. I am a single mother of a beautiful little girl who is now 3 years old. Even before becoming a mother, I fantasized about Pediatric Dentistry. Since I have been with my little girl, my high degree of special motivation in this area grows constantly. If given the opportunity to prove myself in your program and distinguish myself in its completion, I would anticipate that it would not be long before I seek additional training in Pediatric Dentistry. I have been serving alongside Dr. XXXX, since this past February, 2017, at Shadow Intern Baby Teeth Dental Office in Brentwood, CA, where I have the privilege of greeting and preparing patients for dental examinations, observing and learning about dental procedures, etc. Previously, I served as a Shadow Intern at the XXXX Dental Office. I also worked as a Medical assistant at Dr. XXXX’s Internal Medicine Clinic greeting and preparing patients for health examinations. I have passion in my soul, compassion in my heart, and talent in talent my hands. I adore research, a hard worker who is persistent, I am proud of the fact that I became a full-time principle investigator before I even graduated from college.

For years, I participated in a number of volunteering efforts in poor areas of China, teaching children; and I also worked hard to raise funds to purchase books for them and other school supplies. I wrote about my experience because I was so very moved by it; and my efforts were rewarded by an Excellent Achievement Award. As a dentist, I want to serve the underprivileged and marginalized first and foremost, and there is a great deal of need in the Chinese-American community. I have been dismayed to experience first-hand how many Asian immigrants have especially poor dental hygiene resulting from a general lack of awareness as well as financial resources and I keenly look forward to helping.

I thank you.

Sample Personal Statement for International Dentist Application, Armenian

I ask to be accepted to your competitive International Dentist Program so that I will be able to fully resume my career in dentistry in the USA, my new adopted home, to completely realize my ambitions as an oral health professional. After earning my doctoral degree and becoming licensed to practice dentistry here in America, I hope to go on to a lifetime of professional education, practice, and research in dentistry, specifically the area of Prosthodontics. With a license to practice this art, I will strive to apply this discipline to the best of my abilities to restore and rejuvenate smiles. I hope to someday own and operate my own clinic with a multidisciplinary team dedicated to this purpose.

Following my graduation from dental school at Haybusak University in Armenia, in May of 2010, I began working as a dentist at my University’s clinic (May 2010 - January 2011). Being a dentist was a dream come true: helping people and enjoying the beautiful results that one can achieve. In February of 2011, I permanently moved to the USA with my family. Since my arrival, I have been doing all that I can to prepare myself for entry into your highly competitive program for international dentists.

I feel that I have valuable contributions to make to dentistry in America, the country that welcomed me into a new world of opportunity and self-expression – and where dentistry is practiced on the cutting edge. Soon after settling in Glendale, CA, I began volunteering at XXXX, D.D.S. Inc., serving as a chair-side dental assistant. After 3 months, they offered me a job which I gladly accepted and I stayed there for 3 years (2011-2014). It was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge, skills, interact with patients and work with a great team providing a broad variety of high-quality dental treatments. Thereafter, I had the pleasure of working as a dental assistant at Unforgettable Smile for a year (2014-2015), a upscale dental office located in Beverly Hills. This position gave me an opportunity to gain more experience in implant dentistry, full mouth reconstruction, sleep dentistry, oral surgery and invisalign treatments. I worked alongside great doctors who were a true inspiration and they all encouraged me to pursue a DDS/DMD Program. Since July of 2015, I have been working at XXXX's Dental Studios in the CAD/CAM Department as both a Dental Technician and a Manager. I make sure every restoration and appliance produced by my department is top quality.

In addition to working as a Dental Assistant and a Dental Technician, I have also volunteered in several dental clinics to increase my exposure even further. I have volunteered several consecutive years at XXXX and each year we have rendered dental treatments to more than 500 underprivileged kids, minors and adults who couldn’t afford proper dental care. It is one of my objectives that upon earning my DDS/DMD degree I will travel to underserved communities to provide the needed dental care.

As an award-winning artist, I have been drawing and painting since childhood and I have a special passion for sculpture and poetry. Being an athlete and a competitive martial artist, I have cultivated perseverance and discipline. My artistic efforts have helped me to become a better dentist, what I do best, and I have stayed busy in my field ever since my arrival in the USA. In the three years at Los Angeles City College (LACC) I furthered my knowledge in dental technology, learning to fabricate variety of dental restorations and appliances. In this endeavor, I earned an AS degree in dental technology. In spring 2015, I was selected by LACC dental technology department to receive the “Golden Spatula” award for having the highest level of hand skills and earning the most points in class. In addition, upon graduation I was one of the 4 valedictorians for class of 2015 at LACC emphasizing my academic achievements.

My personal experience of having dental fluorosis as a child provided me with my initial focus on the art and healing of dentistry. It made me realize how important it is to have a healthy and beautiful smile. I was also attracted to dentistry early on because I am a very outgoing, warm and friendly woman who loves interacting with and helping people.

I very much look forward to doing research in the prevention of oral diseases. I think prevention is the principal area in which our profession and our society needs to devote more resources as a higher priority and I hope to be engaged in making this happen throughout the course of my career. My long term professional dream is to become a professor of dentistry and engage in intensive research, meanwhile teaching new generations of students many of the exciting developments and innovations in our field.

Research in oral cancer has been of my interest for a long while. Reading publications and being updated has become a frequent practice for me. I was very close to my grandfather who we lost to cancer which made this fight personal for me, and an endeavor that I will continue as long as I am able.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.