Sample Personal Statement for Residency in Endodontics, Korean Applicant, Military

Immediately I qualified in 2014, I joined the army as a military dentist but was not aware, at that time, what a wise professional decision that this was. I was provided with very early responsibility for the dental health of a large population of patients and so gained very comprehensive general dental experience over a short period of time. I also found that the core military values aligned very closely to my own with an emphasis on personal integrity and ethical behaviour. The army has also provided me with much excellent post-graduate specialist training, with a significant amount of this being devoted to endodontics. I am now a Senior Captain Dental Officer and have been assigned as a Clinical Mentor to recent graduates from Dental School. I regard this appointment as a recognition of my professional ability, communication skills and potential and I take great pleasure in helping the junior Captains to develop their knowledge, and diagnostic and clinical skills.

Because of a growing interest in endodontics and increasing experience and skills in this area of work, with permission of dental detachment commander, I began to manage an increased number of patients with endodontic lesions in the clinic, as there is no endodontic specialist within the CAF. I have witnessed many restorable teeth with endodontic lesions being extracted for implants and seen many of those implants fail and recognised the need for expert treatments which I now seek to become equipped to provide.

During my undergraduate studies I undertook only 6 RCT’s which was the minimum to qualify and then had no particular interest in endodontics. However as endodontic treatments became a significant feature of my military dental work, including over 200 RCT’s, the more I wanted to learn about endodontics which so often provides immediate and dramatic pain relief and the saving of teeth, and so affords particular professional satisfaction. This interest crystallised into definite decision to specialise during a two-week course run by three impressive AEGD’s during which I learned a great deal about the different aspects of the specialism, re-treatments and surgery.

I am drawn by the prospect of specialising in a field in which there are such frequent advances in techniques and materials and hope to play a part in those developments by assisting in research. I am particularly interested regenerative endodontics and in undertaking evidence-based treatments. I have no research experience and am aware that even an excellent practitioner is not necessarily a good researcher. However, I do believe that I possess characteristics and potential that will enable me to usefully assist in research projects. I have demonstrated an ability to think creatively and originally when forming treatment plans, my military training has emphasised a measured, disciplined and carefully planned approach to my work (and indeed to my life generally), I possess determination and intellectual curiosity and am happy to work collaboratively to achieve common goals.

My ultimate goals are to provide high-quality endodontic treatments working in an underserved community preferably in a multi-disciplinary clinic in which I would be able to provide a service in which I handled particularly complex cases/endodontic failures. I would also donate some of my time and skills to those unable to pay to avoid extractions. Because I have been an effective teacher and have enjoyed this aspect of work so much, I would seek also to pass on my skills to other dentists and students.

I am aware that providing medical services calls for a high degree of cultural awareness and sensitivity. I have studied, worked and socialised with people of many cultural and social backgrounds and enjoy learning about new cultures and sharing knowledge of my own rich heritage. I seek to be a ‘well-rounded’ person and pursue several hobbies including marathon running and playing guitar. I find that the digital sensitivity that I have acquired over the years as a string musician is of great assistance in my work. I am the representative for my military unit in the United Way Fundraising charity which seeks to assist with disadvantaged people within the local community. My own parents have had financial struggles over the years and I feel an affinity with those suffering in a similar way and have found my voluntary endeavours highly satisfying.

I believe that my professional background and personal characteristics will enable me to add considerable value to the program and can assure the reader that I shall apply myself with exceptional diligence and enthusiasm for my own benefit and that of my fellow students. My aim is to excel rather than merely succeed.

To summarize: I have acquired significant general and endodontics experience and training since graduation; I have achieved the status of mentor to other dentists in a short period of time demonstrating the trust of my superiors in my professional ability and personality; and I have had the advantage of significant and expert post-graduate training provided by the CAF. However, my most important recommendation is a genuine passion for the specialty and my determination to become an acknowledged expert practitioner and teacher of the specialty.

Thank you for considering my application.

Egyptian Dentist, Residency Program in Endodontics Personal Statement Sample

Growing up in a family of surgeons, physicians and pharmacists, I feel most fortunate to have listened to health care discussion my entire life. Both of my parents are surgeons. My first intention as a child was to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a surgeon; but my vision changed from medicine to dentistry largely because of a bicycle accident that injured my upper right central incisor as well as breaking my right arm. I lived with a broken tooth for the next 7 years because the few dentists that there were in our small town in Egypt did not perform endodontic procedures.

My joy was indescribable when my tooth was finally restored to its normal shape after getting a root canal therapy by an Endodontist in Cairo. The restoration of my central incisor was a transformational, watershed moment in my life; and it is from this moment that I date my dedication to the cause of becoming the finest dentist possible, so that I could bring this kind of joy to others.

I decided to immigrate to the USA for a variety of reasons and did so in 2008; most of all, I wanted to become a dentist and to receive my education in the country where dentistry is on the cutting edge. Completing my undergraduate studies at XXXX State University, I was accepted to XXXX Medical College’s School of Dentistry. I have worked hard and utilized my time well throughout the last three years in Dental school.

I want to be a general dentist because I enjoy very much doing all sorts of different procedures; thus, I am considering simply making general dentistry my permanent professional focus without choosing an area of specialization. Throughout dental school at XXXX, I have served as a volunteer with multiple organizations helping to raise awareness of the importance of preventive oral health care, helping out with numerous community-based initiatives, providing screenings, cleaning, filling, and extractions - at no charge for the underserved.

I see myself as a particularly good candidate for your residency program because I feel most comfortable and want very much to have the opportunity to continue to develop my expertise in general dentistry. I see this as ultimate preparation for a lifetime of practice in the future, perhaps within time as a dentist with my own practice.

I am grateful that I was able to come to the United States and build a new life far from the religious discrimination to which I was subjected in Egypt as a Coptic Christian. These difficult circumstances helped me to grow up quickly, however, and assume responsibility early on, inspiring and motivating me to work very hard at my studies: because of my thirst for helping people in my community and making them confident about their smiles. I will be finishing dental school next year, 2018, and I especially look forward to contributing to the diversity of your distinguished GPR Program as someone fully fluent in both Arabic and English. In the future, I keenly look forward to taking part in dental missions where I will be able to use my Arabic and English as an oral health professional committed to global dentistry.

I thank you for considering my application to your Residency Program.

Endodontic Access and Root Canal Preparation explained

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Sample 1st Paragraph in Endodontics, Applicant from Iran

I am a dentist originally from Iran who is now licensed to practice dentistry not only in Iran but also Western Europe as well as California. A hard worker, I distinguish myself by my love for a smile. Ever since I became a dentist almost 20 years ago, I have been drawn to endodontics. I believe this is because it is my nature to go to the root of the problem that I am attending and I prefer to make the person well; if possible, I would rather save my patients’ teeth than pull them. Since 2004, I have been devoted primarily to endodontics work, first in Germany, 2004-2009, and now California, 2012 to the present, working as an Associate Dentist. It seems appropriate to me that I now finish the terminal degree in my area. I want to become the very best endodontist that I can possibly be; so I ask for admission to your distinguished program.

Video presentation of an actual root canal procedure.