Endodontist brings dental care education to developing countries

Toronto dentist Gary Glassman, a root canal specialist, is taking is his specialty, Endodontics Education, to the Developing World. Dr. Glassman focuses on new, innovative technologies, making him a relevant and respected teacher in Toronto and on the global stage with respect to oral health in the Developing World with a focus on Jamaica. He found there was a great need in developing countries to provide the latest updates and information concerning new in techniques and technology in Endodontics to allow patients to keep their teeth for as long as they possibly can.

For more than 15 years, Glassman and his longtime friend Dr. Len Boksman, have been volunteering their time setting up free oral health clinics in Kingston, Jamaica where they teach dental students in some of the toughest and most challenging conditions one can imagine. Jamaica has less than 200 dentists for a population of 2.6 million people, but Glassman’s team is working hard to compensate for that, one smile at a time.

Dr. Glassman is a great inspiration and truly represents the very best of global dentistry, mission, solidarity, and values of service and humanitarian giving. His work is enormously appreciate in Jamaica and he is able to see tangible results every day in the faces of dozens of happy patients whose suffering has been brought to an end and whose teeth have been preserved for future smiles.

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Sample 1st Paragraph in Endodontics, Applicant from Iran

I am a dentist originally from Iran who is now licensed to practice dentistry not only in Iran but also Western Europe as well as California. A hard worker, I distinguish myself by my love for a smile. Ever since I became a dentist almost 20 years ago, I have been drawn to endodontics. I believe this is because it is my nature to go to the root of the problem that I am attending and I prefer to make the person well; if possible, I would rather save my patients’ teeth than pull them. Since 2004, I have been devoted primarily to endodontics work, first in Germany, 2004-2009, and now California, 2012 to the present, working as an Associate Dentist. It seems appropriate to me that I now finish the terminal degree in my area. I want to become the very best endodontist that I can possibly be; so I ask for admission to your distinguished program.

This is a video presentation of an actual root canal procedure. It's meant to ease your fear of it, and show you how simple of an experience it is in the hands of a root canal specialist. This patient is not an actress. It is performed by Dr. Nima Dayan

All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

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Endodontic Access and Root Canal Preparation explained


The personal statements or admission essays that I have drafted have been successful for most of my clients because they contained the requisite elements of community spirit and personal character, on the one hand, and the celebration of diversity on the other. This serves to provide a slight edge to many successful applicants, thus rising above their peers and helping to result in many, if not most, of those who have used my service being accepted to Dental School.

The anonymous examples posted on my site are several years old and are placed here with the permission of the applicant. They are statements of people originally from all over the world in keeping with the international spirit of Dental School. When faced with many times the number of applicants for a limited number of positions, and applicants having more-or-less similar grades and examination scores, character and community service are quite frequently the principal reasons why one applicant is chosen and another rejected.