Egyptian Dentist, Residency Program in Endodontics Personal Statement Sample

Growing up in a family of surgeons, physicians and pharmacists, I feel most fortunate to have listened to health care discussion my entire life. Both of my parents are surgeons. My first intention as a child was to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a surgeon; but my vision changed from medicine to dentistry largely because of a bicycle accident that injured my upper right central incisor as well as breaking my right arm. I lived with a broken tooth for the next 7 years because the few dentists that there were in our small town in Egypt did not perform endodontic procedures.

My joy was indescribable when my tooth was finally restored to its normal shape after getting a root canal therapy by an Endodontist in Cairo. The restoration of my central incisor was a transformational, watershed moment in my life; and it is from this moment that I date my dedication to the cause of becoming the finest dentist possible, so that I could bring this kind of joy to others.

I decided to immigrate to the USA for a variety of reasons and did so in 2008; most of all, I wanted to become a dentist and to receive my education in the country where dentistry is on the cutting edge. Completing my undergraduate studies at XXXX State University, I was accepted to XXXX Medical College’s School of Dentistry. I have worked hard and utilized my time well throughout the last three years in Dental school.

I want to be a general dentist because I enjoy very much doing all sorts of different procedures; thus, I am considering simply making general dentistry my permanent professional focus without choosing an area of specialization. Throughout dental school at XXXX, I have served as a volunteer with multiple organizations helping to raise awareness of the importance of preventive oral health care, helping out with numerous community-based initiatives, providing screenings, cleaning, filling, and extractions - at no charge for the underserved.

I see myself as a particularly good candidate for your residency program because I feel most comfortable and want very much to have the opportunity to continue to develop my expertise in general dentistry. I see this as ultimate preparation for a lifetime of practice in the future, perhaps within time as a dentist with my own practice.

I am grateful that I was able to come to the United States and build a new life far from the religious discrimination to which I was subjected in Egypt as a Coptic Christian. These difficult circumstances helped me to grow up quickly, however, and assume responsibility early on, inspiring and motivating me to work very hard at my studies: because of my thirst for helping people in my community and making them confident about their smiles. I will be finishing dental school next year, 2018, and I especially look forward to contributing to the diversity of your distinguished GPR Program as someone fully fluent in both Arabic and English. In the future, I keenly look forward to taking part in dental missions where I will be able to use my Arabic and English as an oral health professional committed to global dentistry.

I thank you for considering my application to your Residency Program.

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