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Highly Experienced International Dentist, Korea

A highly experienced dentist from Korea with many years of operating my own dental practice in my country, I have also had the great privilege of teaching dentistry as a part-time faculty member. Now, having made New York City my new permanent home for the past 3 years, and 48 years old, I am hungry…

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DDS Vietnamese Language Barriers

My love for dentistry is pure, just as my special journey to discover this amazing profession. I was raised in Vietnam, but my adult years have been spent here in America, where I have volunteered to help oral health initiatives. I feel strongly that I might be able to give something back to society…

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DDS Korean, BS Biochemistry

I am a Korean man, born and raised in Korea and spent some time in New Zealand before I moved to the US in 12th grade. I hold the B.S. degree in Biochemistry, magna cum laude, awarded this year by UXXX. I speak Korean and English and basic Japanese. My short term goals are to join the program, excel…

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DDS, Immigrant Father, Korean Applicant

My father is a dentist and I was a frequent visitor to his office from my earliest years. This family connection to dentistry positively had an influence on my choice of career but I wanted to be sure before making a final decision carefully as I considered dentistry along with some alternatives. …

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DDS Admission, Korea, Canada

I would visit my father’s dental clinic every Friday after school as I was growing up in Korea. Often, I would also go to see my aunt and uncle who also ran a dental clinic. I feel as if the practice of dentistry is in my blood, part of my heritage.  I feel most privileged to have grown up in a fami…

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DDS Admission, Dental Office Receptionist, Korean

At 21 years old, this summer, I am happier than I have ever been in my life. Being an adolescent was difficult for me because life was so full of uncertainty. Now, every day, I rush through breakfast and my chores with profound enthusiasm: I can´t wait to get to my job as a dental office receptionis…

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