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Foreign Trained Dentist DDS, Egyptian

An Egyptian woman and an experienced dentist now making a home for myself in the USA, I chose dentistry as my career because I always wanted to be of service, a humanitarian supporting those in need. I graduated from Pharos University of Dentistry in Alexandria, Egypt in 2013, not at the very top of…

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Endodontology MClinDent Advanced Training, Saudi

A Saudi Dentist with extensive experience, I feel that I am a strong candidate for your Endodontology MClinDent Advanced Training Programme designed specifically for international dentists from outside the European Union seeking state-of-the-art training in Endodontology. Completing your program, ga…

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DDS International, Saudi, Dental School in Jordan

Now 29 years old, I am a Saudi woman born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Jordan where I completed dental school. I hope to be selected by a DDS Program for International Dentists in the United States on the basis not only of my extensive training and experience but even more importantly on the basis …

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DDS International, Dental Camps, Underserved, Indian

In 2007, I was given the opportunity to travel to India as a volunteer in an ‘Eye and Dental Camp’ providing free treatment to underserved communities. I assisted by registering patients and had many opportunities to witness dedicated dentists providing treatment. I witnessed many grimaces of pain t…

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DDS, Dreaming of Orthodontics, Iraqi Refugee

I hope to be selected for your distinguished DDS Program for International Dentists because I am a dentist from Iraq who has shown a great deal of dedication to dentistry under difficult circumstances, particularly in the area of Orthodontics.  My father was a distinguished professor and a member of…

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DDS/DMD Dental School, Albanian

I was raised in a small rural town in Albania in which the most basic health and dental services were lacking and suffered both personally, and in the loss of a family member, as a direct result of this situation. Dental and oral health was generally regarded with indifference. Seeing comparatively …

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Latino Foreign-Trained Dentist, Cuban

From an early age, I wanted to ‘make a difference’ rather than just ‘make a living’ and so decided to work in healthcare. Dentistry attracted me because, even as a child, I saw that the dentist could make a dramatic and, often, almost immediate difference in people’s lives by relieving acute pain. A…

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DDS International Dentist, Indian

Since I see the smile as the principal universal language for expressing human warmth and kindness, being able to contribute to the enhancement and preservation of the smile is something that makes me especially proud to be a dentist. The sense of joy that we can bring to patients and the proximity …

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Orthodontics Masters Degree, Indian Dentist

A dentist from India who has been making her home in California for the past two years, I have been preparing since my arrival to a full return to my career in dentistry here in America. I hope to be selected to your distinguished Residency Program in Orthodontics on the basis of my passion and prov…

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DMSc Research Doctorate, Oral Biology, Saudi

The DMSc Doctorate Program at XXXX University is my first choice for continued study in my field, Dentistry. I crave the rigors and competitive nature of your distinguished program at Harvard and look forward to one of the finest library collections in the world and your especially advanced sport fa…

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Residency Pediatric Dentistry, Iranian, Latino

XXXX Hospital in Colorado is my first choice for a Residency position in Pediatric Dentistry because I want a ‘hospital-based’ Pediatric Dentistry residency training program where I can gain extensive hands-on experience in treating children with rare craniofacial diseases and syndrome, emergency an…

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MS Prosthodontics, Indian Dentist in USA, Nepal

 Your MS in Prosthodontics Program at the XXXX School of Dentistry is my first choice for continued professional advancement primarily because of the sheer excellence of your program. A dentist from India, I have made the USA my permanent home since January of 2015 and I now live in Indiana. After …

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DDS/DMD International Dentist, Vietnam

I have never really considered any other career than dentistry. I was fortunate to have an aunt who is an experienced dentist practicing in my home country of Vietnam and I was given the opportunity to ‘shadow’ her and provide some basic assistance to her while in High School. Seeing grimaces of pai…

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Orthodontics Residency, Middle Eastern Dentist

I come from a culture in which dental treatment is not regarded as a priority and I saw many, often comparatively young people, with missing teeth who, it could be assumed, followed no dental or oral hygiene regime and whose visits to a dentist would arise only if driven by extreme pain. The evidenc…

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Dental School, Korean in Oklahoma

Now 25 years old, I have spent the last 10 years getting to know the USA; especially where I live in Oklahoma, learning English and adjusting to American culture. I have had my sights set on dentistry as my chosen profession, my calling, for several years now.

We left our native Korea when I was …

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DDS Preventive Education, Syrian

Like many young people in their teen years, I wanted to do something with my life that involved helping others and I considered various career paths with this end in mind. However my elder brother had decided to take up dentistry and his delight in his work, especially at being able to turn grimaces…

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Pediatric Dentistry Residency, Iraqi Dentist

Growing up in Iraq, my innocence and tranquility was shattered precisely in 2003, at the age of 16, as my city, Baghdad, Iraq, went to war. For a variety of reasons, I had focused on dentistry as the profession that I wanted to pursue and my entire family stood behind me. Unfortunately, by the time …

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Periodontology Residency, Saudi Woman Dentist

Being accepted to your distinguished Residency Program in Periodontology will inspire and enable me to become a leader in my chosen field in my country, Saudi Arabia. Still only 27 years old, I am a Saudi woman dentist who could not be more passionate about Periodontology and I look forward to teach…

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IDP, Public/Community-Focus, Indian with MPH

Born into a family of civil servants in India, I have been groomed from early childhood to serve the community, nation, and humanity itself. My early education prepared me well for the rigors of higher education, since I attended schools of the highest rank – especially in Math and Science – with st…

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Highly Experienced International Dentist, Korea

A highly experienced dentist from Korea with many years of operating my own dental practice in my country, I have also had the great privilege of teaching dentistry as a part-time faculty member. Now, having made New York City my new permanent home for the past 3 years, and 48 years old, I am hungry…

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