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Dental School, Bilingual, Bicultural, Columbian

Sometimes I have dreams about getting accepted to dental school - or more frequently still, nightmares about being rejected. I have great hope for several reasons. First, I am Hispanic and not just bilingual but also bicultural since I grew up in Colombia. Second, I have distinguished myself in my v…

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IDP Applicant with MHA, Indian, Underserved

I feel strongly that I should be selected for admission to the XXXX IDP Program over other applicants with similar qualifications because of my dedication to the underserved, globally speaking, and especially in my native India, where I was born, raised, completed dental school, and practiced dentis…

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DDS, Endodontics, Indian Woman from Canada

I could not be happier in my current professional position as a Teaching Assistant in Endodontics at the University of XXXX. I teach second-year dental students the basics of Endodontics primarily by demonstrating techniques in the dental simulation lab. This experience has helped me to better appre…

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Pakistani Woman Dentist, DDS International

I hope to be accepted to your competitive DDS Program for International Dentists on the basis of my intense drive, noble ideals, and determination to make a difference with respect to access to oral health care in my country, Pakistan, especially for poor women who are unable to see a dentist as a r…

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International Dentist, Sikh Community Detroit

If I am accepted into your highly competitive doctoral program for international dentists, it will likely be due at least in part to the fact that I am a member of a small minority group that is increasingly becoming a target of violence and repression in the United States. A leader in the Sikh comm…

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International Dentist, Indian, Dental School in Jordan

My life has been affected in various ways by my involvement in gymnastics, in which I excelled and eventually represented my country. It is a sport in which no-one reaches the highest levels of competition without constantly demonstrating considerable determination, commitment, discipline and a cons…

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Periodontics Advanced Training, Coptic Egyptian

I like to think of myself as a young woman headed for great achievements in the provision of dental care to the underserved, especially in my family’s native Egypt, a land that I have very much come to love since I completed dental school and practiced dentistry in Egypt. The 6 years that I spent in…

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Endodontics, Black Muslim, South Central Los Angeles

I hope to be selected for your distinguished, advanced training program in Endodontics at XXXX University at least in part out of considerations for diversity, since I am a black dentist born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. I also hope to be chosen, however, on the basis of my long term goa…

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DDS Foreign Trained Dentist, Indian, Community

Like most young people in their teen years, I had the vague intention to do something useful in life but had no particular interest in the field of medicine. This changed when I underwent a long course of dental treatment to correct a malformation. Spending lots of time in a dental chair and a d…

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MSc/Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Endodontics

Originally from Bulgaria, I am a dentist making my permanent home in the town of XXXX on the XXXX Islands in Scotland. The National Health Service does not list any dentist on the XXXX Islands (population 21,000) as having special training in Endodontics. Therefore, I hope to be the first dentis…

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DDS/DMD International Dentist, Syrian Applicant

I suppose, like many others, I chose dentistry because of positive personal experiences. As a child I had a gap between my front teeth which affected my confidence and made me reluctant to smile. After many consultations, an X-Ray was taken and the problem was identified, a diastema caused by an ext…

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CAAPID, Iranian, Philippines for Dental School

I was born and raised in my native Tehran, Iran and always excelled in school, studying at a National School for the Gifted and Talented. Eager to excel and focusing on dentistry very early on since I was inspired by several relatives who are dentists. As a child, I began shadowing my uncles who wer…

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DDS Indian, Dental Assistant, Published

Observing the queue of those waiting for free dental treatment in a volunteer dental camp in India, I became accustomed to seeing swollen faces and pain filled eyes.  This helped me to better appreciate the importance of dental and oral health in people’s lives. If I had ever harboured any doubt abo…

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Saudi Applicant Prosthodontics, Team Player

I am writing on behalf of my application to give my all in your competitive combined Master of Oral Science & Prosthodontics Residency Program and I hope to be chosen on the basis of the fact that I am a very hard worker who wants very much to give his all to your program. Since September of 2014, I…

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Prosthodontics MSC Korean in Canada, Implants

I as for acceptance to your competitive MSc Program in Prosthodontics so that I might have the opportunity to serve on the cutting-edge of developments in this area and put the finishing touches on my lifetime of education in dentistry. I feel strongly that Prosthodontics is where I want to go from …

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Indian DDS Applicant, Anti-tobacco

Dentistry presented to me the perfect blend of the stimulation of academics with the satisfaction of human interaction and nowhere was this satisfaction more prominent than in oral medicine and radiology. I am an Indian dentist who hopes to be accepted for one of the limited spaces in your competiti…

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DDS Advanced Placement, Indian, MPH

XXXX University is my first choice among DDS Programs for International Dentists because of the sheer excellence of your program and the fact that your university has the most diverse student population in the entire country. A dentist from India, I thrive on diversity and have made it a central the…

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DDS International Dentist, Indian

It was always my intention to work in the field of healthcare because of the opportunities this area of work offers to help others in a direct and basic way.  My initial intention was to pursue a career in medicine but an interest in dentistry developed when I witnessed, at close hand, the great mis…

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MSc Prosthodontics Canada, Syrian Woman

Statement of your academic and/or professional goals

I am the type of young woman who likes to finish what she starts and my academic goal is to earn the MSc Degree at the University of XXXX. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete my Master’s Degree in Prosthodontics before leaving my native S…

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DDS Advanced Placement, International Dentist, Indian

A dentist from India, I have only recently moved to the USA, on April 4, 2015. I am currently studying towards my Master of Science in Healthcare Management at the University of XXXX in XXXX, California and will be graduating in Month, Year. While I always want to practice dentistry hands on, I beli…

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