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Pediatric Dentistry Residency, Jewish, Iranian

My first choice for a residency program in pediatric dentistry is the XXXX School of Dentistry at the University of XXXX where I am currently working towards the completion in 2016 of my DDS Degree. My central professional dream is to serve the balance of my professional life as a pediatric dentis…

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Disadvantaged Status Fishing Village in Malaysia

Throughout my school days in Malaysia, my parents could only afford two pairs of uniforms at once. Therefore, every day after school I would wash my uniforms and hang them outside the house to dry before the sun went down. During the monsoon season, I would leave my wet school uniform to dry under…

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DDS, Asian Dentistry Success Story

I was born and raised in a fishing village in Malaysia until the age of 20 when I moved to the United States four years ago. Over the course of the last four years, I have completely immersed myself in English and American society and culture, and now feel very much a part of our very multicultura…

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Wife, Mother, Dentist, Indian Woman Applicant

A wife, mother, and dentist from India, since arriving in the USA a little more than one year ago, I have been working very hard to prepare myself to get admitted to a DDS Program. I am aware of the fierce competition that exists for Advanced Standing Admission for international dentists and I am ho…

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DDS, Indian Woman, Community Service

Before I permanently relocated to the USA a little over one year ago, as a result of my marriage to a wonderful man who is also a dentist, I enjoyed some of the very best 5 years of my life working full time as a dentist in my country of origin, India. Here in America, I have hit the ground running …

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DDS International Dentist, Indian raised in Kenya

I am quite different from other applicants to your program trained in India because, while I am Indian, I was born and raised in Kenya, going to India only for visits and then later to complete dental school and my internship. I am now living in Canada where I am in the process of becoming a permane…

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Dental School Applicant with MS Biomedical Sciences

My central dream in life for many years has been becoming a dentist. Unfortunately, however, I was not selected as a result of last year’s application process to dental school. Nevertheless, highly motivated, determined, passionate about my quest to build a distinguished career in dentistry, I remai…

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Indian Woman DDS Degree, the Visually Impaired

I am a dentist from India, a woman, and someone who distinguishes herself for her love for those who are most in need of attention and care. I have been living in Ohio now for one year and making good use of my time preparing to enter you program by passing the board exams as well as the TOEFL exami…

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Central Asian International Dentist DDS Application

I am a dentist from Moldova who has immigrated permanently to America and I hope to continue practicing my profession as a dentist here in my new home country. I want to thank you in advance for considering the application of an older, non-traditional student for acceptance into your program. I ask …

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Indian Research Assistant, DDS International

I am a young and energetic woman who is a dentist originally from India, now living in XXXX, Ohio for the past three years. In March of 2013, I earned my MBA in Health care Management at The University of XXXX. It is my intention to use the many tools and resources that I have acquired throughout th…

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DDS Applicant Iranian Immigrant

I arrived in the USA on my 13th birthday. My mother had been diagnosed with acute rheumatoid arthritis and she needed numerous surgeries; since the success rate for such operations was quite low in Iran, our country of origin, we decided to come to America and get her the help that she needed, inclu…

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Dental Post-Bachelor Program, African American

What personal hardships have you encountered in preparing for a career in dentistry? Which have you overcome and how did you do so?

Now 24 years old, I have spent the last 5 years working as a Dental Assistant to the same Dentist. I have become so familiar with most of the details of a dental pra…

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DDS Saudi-American Applicant, Jeddah

I am a 25 year old Saudi woman who lives in Boston. I was born in Champaign Illinois while my parents were studying there, so I am an American citizen. I have spent half of my life in America and the other half in Jeddah, our liberal Mecca on the Arabian Peninsula, an oasis of tolerance, understandi…

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DDS Applicant, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I find great satisfaction in the fact that I have made public oral health my calling in life. I also feel privileged to very much love my city, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Despite the fact that we are a liberal and progressive city, however, we still have many poor or low income people.  As a dental stude…

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American Woman Disadvantaged Status Essay

I did not come to fully understand until I was in college, the many complex ways in which a stable home is a crucial component to healthy childhood development. In my case, I have had an uphill battle for stability my entire life. My dad was drafted and sent to Vietnam, returning home a classic crip…

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Indian Application, Prosthodontics Experience

One of my most definitive moments as a dentist and a human being took place the day that a frail old man walked through the door of our dental clinic in India, covering his cheek with a piece of dirty cloth, the excruciating agony written all over his face. First, I saw the horrified look on the fac…

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DDS Applicant, Raised in Iran

I was born and raised as an American child until the age of 10. Then my parents took me to their native Iran and I did not come back to live in America until the age of 18. I feel like my identity has one foot in America and the other in Iran. I am happy this way, as I love both homes very much and …

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DDS Indian, Ukraine Dental School

My initial interest in dentistry came about because of a young niece’s dental problems which were resolved by the intervention of a highly skilled and kindly dentist. His work was truly life changing for my niece and inspiring to me. My interest was fired. I began my research into this potential lif…

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Indian Applicant International

When I went to the dentist’s office as a child in India, we would often bless our dentist after our treatments. This was a formative experience for me, socialization in nobility. Since I can remember, I have thought of the dentist as the pinnacle of respectability and the professional most worthy of…

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Indian Woman International Dentist

A woman and a dentist from India, since I immigrated to the USA in 2007, I have been working very hard to prepare myself for dental school here in America - for my National Board Dental Examinations in addition to the TOEFL  - at the same time that I now have two lovely children. I am now completing…

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