International Dentist Advanced Standing Program Personal Statement Sample, Iranian Dentist

When I was six years old, I loved my dentist. A young doctor with big eyes and beautiful eyelashes. This childhood crush introduced me to my love for dentistry and pushed me to always work hard to achieve my goal of becoming a dentist. Unfortunately, I was not able to get accepted to dental school on my first attempt. Instead, I was able to study to become a radiology technician at the Medical School of Esfahan, Iran. It was difficult to be unable to realize my dream of becoming a dentist and having to study another field. That made me feel hopeless of achieving my dream. Although radiology is a major that many strive for, it never replaced the love I had for becoming a dentist. After I graduated from radiology, I had to work for at least a year before the Iranian schooling system allowed me to apply for another field. While I was working as a radiologist, my father passed away. The pain and sorrow of my losing him strengthened my professional resolve to become the most highly qualified professional possible.

Finally, after working hard and studying harder I was able to get accepted to dental school. It was one of the best days of my life, and it became even better when I told the good news to my mother. Although it was a great accomplishment for me, the school that I was accepted to was private and cost a lot of money. My family was middle class and my mom was diagnosed with cancer during this time; money was tight because of her expensive cancer treatments. Thus, I had to keep my job in the Cardiothoracic Hospital while I went to dental school in order to pay my tuition. Unfortunately, my pain would continue since my mother also passed away in my second year of dental school, leaving me to care for my younger brother. On top of working in the hospital and going to school, I had the responsibility of taking care of my younger brother who is 6 years younger than me. He was too young to understand the extent of all these problems, so I always tried to keep a lively household. I took a cooking and baking class to ensure that our table was always full of home cooked meals and various types of nutritious dishes. I am a hard worker; and I never quit.

Despite the sadness, I persevered and threw myself into dentistry, giving my all, and going on to practice dentistry in Iran for several years. Now 38 years old, I have lived in the USA for three years and I am making America my permanent home. I hope to resume my career in dentistry as a result of being selected for and completing your competitive DDS/DMD Program. Since coming to America in 2014, I have been busy studying for the American preliminary dental exams. I have also worked in a dental office in Los Angeles as a dental assistant to experience the atmosphere of dental offices in America. I have also continued to publish in my field. My dreams in dentistry have grown enormously. Dedicated to lifelong education, I look forward to continuing to study after earning my doctoral degree, learning about new specialties and treatment plans. I also look forward to providing a safe space for Iranian-Americans and immigrants from Iran who prefer a Farsi speaking dentist.

I eat, sleep, and breathe dentistry. Even in my free time I find myself studying about topics such as painless dentistry, through hypnotism as well as sedation. I also look forward to assuming the challenge of working with patients who have special needs requiring special consideration resulting from HIV, cardiovascular disease, hemophilia, etc. I particularly look forward to working with people who have gone through chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or other cancer treatments. I miss the dental clinic that I established back home in Iran and sincerely hope to open another dental clinic here in the US one of these days.  I day-dream of assuming leadership roles in dentistry in the future, starting up my own multi-specialty clinic, for example, where a variety of dentists with special training in a variety of areas treat patients at the same location. By successfully delegating responsibility, this would enable me to spend more of my own time helping those who are in the greatest need by volunteering, such as in nursing homes. I am experienced in this area since I volunteered extensively in nursing homes while still a dentist in Iran and it would be an enormous honor for me to return to doing this here in the USA; nothing brings me greater joy.

I always strived to be the best at whatever I wanted to do; and I was always the best employee or student in my group of colleagues, and a tasteful host. After completing dental school, I worked for a while in a dental clinic until I was able to open my own office. I also continued my education, taking courses for dental implants and cosmetic dentistry to further my skills and offer more to my patients.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.


Iranian Orthodontics

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Armenian-Iranian Applicant to Advanced Training in Orthodontics

Orthodontics: A Fusion of Art, Science, and Human Relations

I was 11 years old when my Armenian-Iranian parents migrated to the US. I suffered a severe culture shock compounded by a lack of English, and a period of confusion and anxiety followed. I understood that I was facing significant challenges that called for determined and methodical responses if I were not to be overwhelmed. I count the rapid overcoming of these challenges as a great achievement and doing so has provided lessons that have served me well in facing all the lesser challenges that have arisen since which have been faced with the same single-mindedness and determination.

I come from a culture and family in which education is highly valued and it was an attitude that I happily adopted. I keenly sought to extend my understanding and knowledge of the world and to absorb everything taught to me. My father is a structural engineer and I have inherited his creativity and curiosity about the way that things work and how they can be repaired if they fail. Though a highly practical person, he also emphasized that something that is useful should also be as esthetically pleasing as possible. But, perhaps more importantly, I was taught that it was necessary to be useful in the world and to seek to make a difference for the benefit of others rather than merely make a living. To this end, my older sister had chosen dentistry and had specialized in treating pediatric patients. She was a skilled and caring practitioner who clearly gained great satisfaction in her work and so I decided to follow her into dentistry. It is a decision that I have never regretted.

At the very beginning of my introduction to orthodontics in my dental training I was immediately and strongly attracted to the specialty because its meld of the esthetic, the necessity for creative and practical skills and the particular need to gain the ready confidence of patients. I am also immensely drawn by the opportunity to provide genuinely life-changing treatments that improve self-esteem, confidence, dietary choice and communication. All these aspects of the specialty match my own interests, skills and characteristics very closely.  I am also very excited at the possibility of entering a field in which so many advances in materials and techniques are being made and I hope to apply my own practical and analytical skills to play my part in future innovation.

During all my training, and especially now, being an Orthodontic Selective Student, I have sought as much exposure to the specialty as possible with this application in mind. Apart from assisting colleagues in the review of orthodontic records and cephalometrc tracings, and the detailed review of many case studies, I have shadowed Drs. XXXX and XXXX. They have introduced me to the methods and considerations involved in the creation of complex, individualized treatment plans for challenging cases. They have also emphasized the application of sound biomechanical principles. I worked with them to analyze landmarks and angles and observed the use of ITERO scanner in Invisalign cases. I also learned something of the cross-disciplinary cooperation that is necessary and how it arises and is organized. I found all of this exposure to be fascinating and each step has increased my passion and determination to become an excellent specialist. I undertook a poster presentation on the future of orthodontics at UXX’s Annual Research Day Symposium to raise awareness of innovations and potential innovations in the specialty for the information of students and dentists.

The scholarships, honors and awards achieved will provide an assurance to the reader that I am a diligent and enthusiastic student who seeks to excel rather than merely succeed. I earned an MA in Medical Sciences while awaiting dental school acceptance and this provided a firm basis for my subsequent training. The knowledge gained assists me in taking a holistic approach to patient care and provides a sound basis for understanding cross-disciplinary aspects of treatment.

Once qualified, I hope to work with experienced, skilled and dedicated specialists and acquire significant experience under their guidance and then to open a dual practice for orthodontics and dentistry with my sister, a pediatric specialist and my brother in law, a general dentist.

To summarize: I have an excellent academic record; I have some research experience; I believe that I possess the characteristics, skills and interests which will enable me to add considerable value to the program and the potential to become a highly skilled and effective specialist. However, my main recommendation is a genuine passion to pursue the specialty.

Thank you for considering my application.

New York City, Afghan-Iranian Applicant, Advanced Training Program in Orthodontics

A dentist and US citizen born, raised, and educated in New York, I also look forward to contributing to the celebration of diversity in your Orthodontics program as an Afghan-Iranian woman, since my parents - both Farsi speakers - came to America from Afghanistan and I am active in the Afghan-American community. There are few female dentists from or in Afghanistan, and this is perhaps especially true with respect to Orthodontics. Thus, I very much look forward to serving as a role model for new generations of Afghan and Iranian women here in America as well as doing what I can, within time, to help with the advancement of Orthodontics, as well as general dentistry, for underserved or marginalized populations generally speaking, particularly in Afghanistan.

Nothing excites me more than planning a long and distinguished career in Orthodontics, not only improving mastication and function, but also empowering individuals with a feeling of self-confidence reflected by and conveyed through their broad, uninhibited smiles. I love the planning that accompanies Orthodontic treatment and the organization required to optimize treatment spanning several years. I seek the most profound and extensive immersion experience possible in your program, enhancing my appreciation for esthetic concerns at the same time that I go much deeper and carefully study and contribute to our success at correcting the consequences of craniofacial deformities. I keenly look forward to contributing to research in this area as well staying busy professionally and as a volunteer on behalf of those patients suffering from cleft lip and palate, particularly with respect to patients from underserved communities.

I look forward to maintaining close ties with the academic world throughout my career; fully dedicated to lifelong education, I would like very much to have the profound privilege of teaching Orthodontics at some point in my career, perhaps far down the road in Afghanistan, if our country of origin should ever achieve the level of peace and stability where it would be safe to do so. I plan to eat, sleep, and breathe Orthodontics for several decades to come, and I am looking forward to many years of additional experience after completing your program, giving my all to a multi-specialty practice where I would be able to deal with complex craniofacial deformities, working alongside teams of with surgeons, pediatric dentists, etc.

I finished dental school at XXU in 2017 and I have gone on to a GPR at XXXX Hospital (LIJ) GPR- 2017-2018. I have also been engaged since my graduation with Women for Afghan Women, empowering Afghan women in the US and Afghanistan to become involved with their communities. I have served as a mentor to the youth, ages 8-19, helping with college applications and I was engaged with a variety of community outreach initiatives while a student in dental school, holding multiple board positions in university organizations associated with XXU’s college of Dentistry. As an undergraduate student, I was already shadowing my orthodontist, learning how to remove and place rubber bands, take alginate impressions and make stone models. My experience thus far includes experience with medically complex and/or pediatric patients. The three weeks that I spent immersed in Orthodontics at LIJ, mostly placing brackets and bands, was the high point of my professional life so far, along with sitting in on multiple cleft lip and palate conferences. Invisalign certified, I am currently employed by 2 private dental offices on Long Island.

I date my passion for Orthodontics back to high school, when I had my own Orthodontic treatment. The second oldest of 5 children, I have long served as a role model to my siblings, with my parents as well as brothers and sisters accustomed to turning to me for help as I was growing up. I am well organized and an extremely hard worker. Always with a ‘can do’ attitude, I get things done. Very family oriented, I place a high priority on building and maintaining strong relationships. I like to solve puzzles and I love a challenge. My parents always wanted me to be a medical doctor, but they recognized the special talent in my hands early on and have fully supported my giving my all to dentistry.

I have always adored fashion, makeup, cosmetics and beauty; thus, turning my attention to the esthetic side of dentistry is a natural choice and the fulfillment of a lifelong calling in the fullest sense.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program in Orthodontics.