Orthodontics Residency Personal Statement Stolen by Meng Deng, Theft of Academic Writing Services

I am Meng Deng, a young woman from China who has always been an excellent student, I worked hard and was accepted to and completed China’s number one dental school. Now, I hope to be selected to give my all to a Certificate Program in Orthodontics I am keenly looking forward to a long professional lifetime of dedication to practice, research, and education in Orthodontics. I looked forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as a multilingual Chinese woman and continuing to cultivate my global vision, learning from my teachers and colleagues from other parts of the world, always with special attention on collaboration in Orthodontics between the US and China.

My long-term career goal is to teach Orthodontics in China, staying close to the academic world, serving as a professor always heavily engaged in research as well as teaching. My preparation in the basic physical sciences has been extensive and I am well versed in the medical aspects of dentistry. I have a deep passion for continuing to increase my understanding of what is going on at the molecular level. Since August of 2013, I have been studying at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I am now a PHD candidate in the Oral and Craniofacial Biomedicine Program with a special focus in the areas of Microbiology and Immunology.

Because of the way that dental schools in China place a heavy emphasis on the medical aspects of dentistry, I completed my first internship in a medical department. For some time now, in my free time, I study the many ways that oral health care differs between China on the one hand, and America on the other. I like to think of myself as someone with great potential to excel in this area as well on a professional basis. My strong research background with help me to excel and contribute to research projects in Orthodontics, I have especially solid training in molecular biology, genetics, innate immunology, cell biology, and biochemistry. I have published several research projects of my own in these areas and I look forward to continuing to publish as well as assisting others with their research projects. I have extensive experience in grant writing, project management, and I am an especially devoted team player, collaborating with my colleagues in the laboratory constitute some of my finest moments, working with many renowned scientists from across China.

I also have extensive clinical experience, particularly in the areas of endodontics, operative dentistry, and dental emergencies. My experience in these areas will serve me well as a foundation for excellence in Orthodontics, the area in which I now seek to make my maximum contribution to oral health because of my increasing appreciate for esthetics, and the great needs that exist in China in this area. I also have professional experience as a volunteer, helping attend to the injured following the 2008 earthquake in Wenchuan which took the lives of 76,000 people.

I live to make my patient happy, and I now look forward to giving my all to helping them to have beautiful smiles, as I see this as most important to the cultivation and celebration of human dignity. I see the practice of Orthodontics to be one of the highest possible manifestations of a civilized society and I hope to help China catch up the West, in time, in this area of dentistry in particular, perhaps the area where China has the greatest need of playing catchup to America.

I feel strongly that I have a great deal to contribute to the advancement of Orthodontics, because of my advanced understanding of bone diseases and craniofacial development abnormalities. I also feel strongly that teaching future generations of oral health care professionals with a focus on esthetics is the very highest calling to which I could aspire.

Manuscripts In Preparation

  1. Uchimura T*, Oyama Y*, Deng M, Wilson J, Rampanelli E, Guo HG, Misumi I, Tam J, Chou WC, Brickey J, Robbins G, Petrucelli A, Whitmire J, Ting J. The innate immune sensor, Nlrc3, acts as a rheostat that fine tunes T cell responses in infection and autoimmunity.  Under revision for Immunity. (*equal contribution)
  2. Li Xin*, Deng M*, Petrucelli A, Zhu C, Zhang L, Mo JY, Tam J, Ariel P, Zhao BY,  Ke HM, Li PW, Dokholyan N, Duncan J, and Ting J. DNA binding to an inhibitory NLR, NLRC3, controls its  interaction with the interferon activator STING. Under review for Immunity. (*equal contribution)
  3. Swanson KV, Deng M, Ting J. NLRP3 activation and regulation. Under Preparation for Nature Reviews Immunology.
  4. Deng M, Brickey J, Guo HT, Jason T, Johnson B, Shi HX, Stewart J, Golenbock D, Koller B, Kearney J, Beutler B, Ting J. Platelet Activating Factor as a Novel Danger Signal for Activation of NLRP3 Inflammasome. Under Preparation for Journal of Experimental Medicine
  5. Deng M, Guo HT, Mao JY, Duncan J, Ting J. AIF inhibits NLRP3 inflammasome by blocking NLRP3-NEK7 interaction. Under Preparation for Immunity

Abstracts and Presentations:

  1. Deng M, Brickey J, Guo HT, et al. Platelet Activating Factor as a Novel Danger Signal for Activation of NLRP3 Inflammasome. AAI Annual Meeting at Austin, TX. 5/4/2018
  2. Deng M, Brickey J, Guo HT, et al. Platelet Activating Factor activates canonical NLRP3 Inflammasome. Dental Research in Review. School of Dentistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 2/7/2018.
  3. Deng M, 4. Guo HT, König R, et al. NLRX1 promotes HIV-1 and DNA viruses replication by blocking STING-TBK1 innate immune signaling. AAI Annual Meeting at Washington, D.C. 05/12/2017
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  6. Deng M, Liu Z. A possible isoform of transmembrane BP180 in mice stomach. Dental Research in Review. School of Dentistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 02/26/2014.  


Theft of Writing Services by Meng Deng, Chinese Orthodontist with Fake Credentials, Beware of Meng Deng!


Ph.D. Candidate (Aug. 2013-present)

Oral and Craniofacial Biomedicine Program-Microbiology and Immunology Track

School of Dentistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH), USA

Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

Dissertation Advisor: Prof Jenny Ting


Master of Dentistry (Sep. 2011-June 2013)

Operative Dentistry and Endodontics, West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University, China

Dissertation Advisor: Prof Xuedong Zhou and Prof Wenyuan Shi

Bachelor of Dentistry (Sep. 2006-June 2011)

West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University, China

Awards & Fellowships

AAI Trainee Abstract Award, 2018 American Association of Immunologists Annual Meeting at Austin, TX, USA, 5/4/2018

NCAADR Derek T. Turner Student Research Awards, PhD Category, Dental Research in Review Day, School of Dentistry, UNC-CH, USA, 2/7/2018

AAI Trainee Abstract Award, 2017 American Association of Immunologists Annual Meeting at Washington, D.C. USA,5/12/2017

Freedland Advanced Dental Education Fellowship, School of Dentistry, UNC-CH, USA, 2014-2015

The Second Government Sponsored Scholarship, West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University, China, 2011-2012

 Outstanding Paper Award, International Symposium of Microbial Biofilm & Dental Doctoral Forum, West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University, China, 04/03/2011

National Encouragement Scholarship, The Ministry of Education, China (awarded to top 3% of students), 2009-2010

National Encouragement Scholarship, The Ministry of Education, China (awarded to top 3% of students) 2008-2009

Merit Student of Sichuan University, Sichuan University, China, 2007-2008 

The Third Comprehensive Merit Scholarship, Sichuan University, China, 2007-2008

Merit Student of West China School of Stomatology, West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University, China,2007-2008 

PICC Life Insurance Scholarship, Sichuan University, China (Awarded to top 10% of students), 2006-2007

Clinic Internship and Specialty Training

Dental Specialty Training at West China Hospital of Stomatology, Sichuan University, China (July 2012-July 2013)

Department of Endodontics and Operative Dentistry

Root canal treatment and retreatment including use of endodontic microscope for root canal location, ultrasonic root canal cleaning, NiTi rotary instrumentation, lateral condensation, vertical condensation with warm gutta-percha. Fiber post placement; tooth colored resin restoration; vital pulp therapy; apexifications; external tooth bleaching; MTA restoration of pulp cavity perforation; simple periapical surgery for anterior teeth; surgery assistant for periapical surgery for posterior teeth; dental emergency duty at night and holiday (handling acute pulpitis, periapical and  periodontal abscess, superficial craniofacial injury in most cases)


Internship at West China Hospital of Stomatology, Sichuan University, China (July 2011-July 2012)

Department of Prosthodontics

Impressions, tooth preparation, temporary and permanent crown restoration, simple bridge restoration, occlusal adjustment, surgery assistant for dental implant surgery

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Anterior and posterior tooth extraction, simple third molar extraction, tooth irrigation and debridement for pericoronitis, wound irrigation and sealing of craniofacial injury, management of oral cancer, cleft lip and cleft palate patients

Department of Periodontology

Scaling and root planning for periodontitis, tooth extraction, surgery assistant for periodontal flap surgery

Department of Radiology

Took dental films, panoramic and CBCT films

Department of Endodontics and Operative Dentistry

Root canal treatment for anterior teeth, tooth colored resin restoration, assistant for periapical surgery

Department of Oral Medicine

Management of oral mucosal disease diagnosis and treatment


Internship at West China Hospital, Sichuan University, China (Sep. 2010-July 2011)

Department of Hematology

Prof Chuan He team, management of leukemia, lymphoma, and coagulation disorders

Department of Internal Cardiology

Prof Qing Yang team, management acute cardiac events and hypertension

Department of Otolaryngology Surgery

Prof Fei Chen team, management of cervical, laryngopharyngeal tumor and congenital fistula, surgery assistant of Prof Chen

Department of Neurosurgery

Prof Guoping Li team, management of cranial and neural injury/trauma, surgery assistant of Prof Li

Department of Thyroid Breast Surgery

Prof Xiaodong Wang team, management of breast cancer, breast remodeling, tissue biopsy, surgery assistant of Prof Wang


Published Manuscripts (total citation 190, H index 8)

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